Martial Destination: Dagestan’s Peaceful Warriors – Part 2 – An Interview with Sabir “Cobra” Bagautdinov

Many people seek martial arts training from the source be China, Japan, Korea or Thailand; there is a draw in many of us to fulfill a long life dream to visit where “all started”. I was no different and did the “China Thing” over a decade ago. However, there are outstanding instructors closer to home […]

 Learning How to Fight with Chinese Martial Arts in the Republican Era Part I

By William A., Mei C. special thanks to Dennis Rovere for his valuable insights and corrections Martial arts in general and Chinese martial arts in particular have been characterized by an aura of mystery on what a devoted practitioner can achieve after mastering a traditional style. Many of these misconceptions stemmed from novels, movies and […]

Una visión histórica de las artes marciales mixtas en China

Por William Acevedo y Mei Cheung Publicado en: Revista de Artes Marciales Asiáticas, 2011 English Version: A Historical Overview of Mixed Martial Arts in China Resumen Las Artes Marciales Mixtas (MMA) se han convertido en uno de los deportes de combate que más rápidamente ha crecido en el siglo XXI, atrayendo a millones de espectadores […]