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35+ years of training starting with Japanese and Korean arts, followed by practice and teaching Chinese martial arts as a non for profit club for our local community.


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Yongshi Chinese Martial Arts Club, Calgary, AB. 2011 – Ongoing.

  • 5 Elements Fall Open Tournament Nov. 24, 2018 – White to Yellow belts (8 to 9 yrs. old) 2nd places in forms and point sparring. Yellow belt (8 to 9 yrs. old) 3rd place kickboxing with legs kicks, 4th forms. (8 to 9 yrs. old) white belts 4th place kickboxing with legs kicks sparring. White belts (8 to 9 yrs. old) 4th place continuous kickboxing and forms. White belts (8 to 9 yrs. old) 2nd place forms and 4th point sparring.
  • Rocky Mountain Open Martial Arts Championship Feb. 3, 2018 – 3rd place sparring (6 to 7 yrs. old white to orange); 3rd place sparring (8 to 9 yrs. old white to orange); 2nd place forms (10 to 11 yrs old); 4th & 5th place (8 to 9 yrs. old, white to orange) sparring; 4th place forms (8 to 9 yrs. old).
  • 5 elements Martial Arts Fall Open Tournament Nov. 25, 2017 – (8 to 9 yrs. old) Forms 1st Place.

Northern Chinese Martial Arts Club, Peace River, AB. 2006 to 2009.

  • Mind Body Soul, July 4, 2009, Lancaster Park Military Fitness Center in Namao, AB. Kickboxing Youth Intermediate: 185 lbs. 2nd place (16 yrs. old). Youth Intermediate: 195 lbs. 1st place (18 yrs. old). Pankration Novice: 1st place (16 yrs. old).
  • Alberta Sanshou Championship, June 6, 2009, Executive Royal Inn, Calgary, AB. Youth Novice 145 lbs & under: lost 2nd fight due to injury (19 yrs. old). Youth Novice 165 lbs.: 1st place (16 yrs. old). Youth Novice 195 lbs.: 1st place (18 yrs. old).
  • Capital City Championships, Saturday, April 4, 2009, Edmonton Aviation Heritage Society, AB. Sanshou Preliminary Provincial Eliminations Advanced: Men 145lb: 3rd place (adult). Kickboxing Novice: Men 140 lbs.: 2nd Place. Men 170.1 -185 lbs: 1st Place (16 yrs. old). Men Adult Forms White-Yellow: 3rd Place (19 yrs. old).
Peace River

Coaching in Colombia from 1995 to 1999.

V Campeonato Interno Academia Shibumi Campeon. Febrero 17, 1991.

Torneo 10 Años en Colombia, Shaolin Tsu Kempo, 1er Puesto, Cali Oct. 4, 1987.


Chinese Civilization, University of Calgary, 2009.

Other Studies, Designations & Conferences

Registered Professional Engineer in the Province of Alberta, Canada.

M.Eng. Chemical Engineering, University of Ottawa, Ottawa – 2004.

B.Sc. Chemical Engineering, Universidad de America, Bogota – 1995.

Troubleshooting MEG Carryover in a Canadian Gas Plant, Sep. 29, 2018. 69th Laurence Reid Gas Conditioning Conference 2019.

A Dynamic Simulation to Aid Design of Shell’s CCS Quest Project’s Multi Stage Compressor Shutdown System. May 24, 2018. Acid Gas Injection Conference 2018.